Cosmic Charley

by Cosmic Charley

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This EP follows the journey from a failed relationship, the inevitable follow up rage to constant failure straight on the path to hell. Where falling in love with the wrong girl will bring sorrow and loneliness. But in the end there is a hope. In the end, there is a drive to keep rocking and not give up.

"Let it go" & "One more time" are outtakes, B-sides, or rarities. Whatever you wanna call them. They didn't make it on the original cut and were recorded in November of 2014. Take them, they're yours!


released 13 May 2014

Songs written by Cosmic Charley.
(And no, none of us are named Charley)
Thomas Bird - bass
Nathan Kunkel - vox/guitars
Tony Arsenault - drums

Recorded by Jake Hills & Jamison Humeny
Produced by Nathan Kunkel & Jake Hills - Mixed by Jake Hills
Mastered by Eric Garner -
*Cowbell slaying on Asexual by Jamison*
"Right here right now" recorded at Norwegian Blue Records by Q & mastered by Jesse Northey
"Let it go" & "One more time" recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered in the Cosmic Charley garage jam space. So sloppy!

All songs copyright by Cosmic Charley - All rights reserved
Duplication is prohibited unless authorized...
but really what are we really gonna do about it.
SOCAN - Made in Lethbridge, AB Canada



all rights reserved


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Cosmic Charley Lethbridge, Alberta

If you want to get down, go nutz, or get down right crazy, go and see Cosmic Charley live! They're live show is not something you'll see everyday in a folk / country soaked city like Lethbridge.

Driving rock with a touch of funk / psych and enough groove to bring just 'bout anyone to let loose on the dance floor.

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Track Name: Asexual
No one hurts me, like you
No one wrecks me, like you
I don’t need this, do you
I want freedom, from you

I will take back, All my lovin’ from you

How I waste time, with you
I don’t need this, from you
Ya I went blind,
stared at no one but you
I need freedom, from you
Track Name: Scream like a bear
I’m right here but nobody sees me
I disappear among the crowd
If I died here would anyone notice
or would I just dissolve in the ground
On the inside the anger is building
I feel it boiling up from below
don’t dare ask my opinion
you’re sure as hell not ready to know

Inside I scream like a bear, Outside I really don’t care

I’m so in need of redemption
But I’m terrified of the task
I’d be willing to do most anything
but no one ever bothers to ask
I’m right fed up with the pressure
Feel like I’m ready to blow
Stick around for when I lose my cool
Gonna be a hell of a show
Track Name: Don't know what I'm doin'
Power lines always find my kite
I get shit kicked every fight
Anytime I won, it’s cuz they gave up
Every time you leave, I mess up

I need you now

Don’t let me play w/ a box of matches
can’t boil water, I can’t stop watchin
Wipe my ass with a 4-leaf clover
Lose my virginity over and over
Track Name: Right here right now
I’m heading down to the fountain of youth.
I’ll marinade until I’m younger than you.
Disregard all that you know to be true.
I’ll live longer than any of you.
I’m living free. Don’t want to be,
like anybody right here, right now
They can go to hell. I’ll never tell.
I’m gonna live right here, right now
I’m heading down to the lake to be reborn.
I won’t find god, all I’ll find is a thorn.
Piercing my skin right to the bone.
Tear out my soul leaving a hole.
I might be burning crosses,
but I’m living right here right now.
Track Name: Devil's wife
She’s a glass full of poison
She’s a yard full of mines
She game me her wisdom,
now I’m losing my mind
Ya I fell for the Devil's wife

I got a wicked girl and I just don't care

She knows what I’m thinking
She knows what I like
she’ll tear out my soul
and won’t think twice

I’ll fight all the demons
I’ll fight her old man
I’ll sneak through the back door
All the sinners be damned

I fell for a wicked girl tonight
Track Name: Do this alone
Heartache, harder to break
Just for the sake, of holding on
Sorrow, so hard to borrow
Nobody wants it, and it won’t go away

Been there, I’ve been there before
Collapsed on the floor, with no one around
Don’t Give up, I sense that you’re leaving
just keep on believing, there’s something more

I won’t let you do this alone

So Get up, take all you need
don’t worry bout me, there’s plenty around
Cheer up, hold on to the good things
The ones that mean everything, and keep moving on
Track Name: No one around
Tired of this place..
but there’s Nowhere else to go,
nowhere else to go
I need to further... my feet into the ground,
feet into the ground.

There's no one around.

I need a lover..
To protect me from the cold,
keep me from getting old
Aint getting younger..
soon I’ll be 6 ft underground
6ft under ground

There's no one around. To hear my call
Track Name: Let it go (garage outtake)
Killing me with her eyes.
look at me, I’m high.
Lose my mind when she sighs.
Member ship on the rise.

A subtle touch, lose my mind
Illusive dream of her thighs.
Tell myself its alright.
Should I let it go? Or is it fine?

You gotta let it go\